High Country by Michael Barnette

Loose Id

Gay Paranormal / Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-59632-991-1

Reviewed by Cassie




Author Bradford Thorne needs a place to work on his next novel and get away from his ex, so he rents a cabin on an isolated ranch.  He gets more than the peace and quiet he was hoping for when he meets sexy rancher Linn MacNamara.  Unfortunately, Bradís ex isnít as far away as he hoped, and sexy Linn has a huge secret.  Will Brad and Linn survive Bradís time in the high country with their lives and hearts intact?

High Country is a quick, hot read with an interesting paranormal twist.  Both Brad and Linn are appealing characters.  Brad had a terrible experience with his controlling ex, but heís getting past it.  He rolls with the punches and when he sees a chance to move on with Linn he takes it, despite his insecurity.  Linn is an honorable guy with a big, and cool, secret.  Hiding it is difficult, especially when he and Brad have sex.  The scenes between Linn and Brad are hot, with a bit of suspense added because of Linnís secret.  Bradís ex provides additional conflict.  Brad might have been a bit too quick to accept Linnís secret, and the ending was a bit too perfect for me.  Even so, the unusual paranormal aspect to High Country made it a fun read.


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