Highland Honor by Christine Young

Highland Series, Book 1



ISBN: 1-58749-570-8

Reviewed by Klarissa




With vengeance on his mind Colin, otherwise known as Hawk, awaits for a young lady to bring him the damning evidence against his father's killer.  Callie Whitecomb must escape the horribleness of her step-brother, Archibald, who is out to marry her off to a despicable man, Lord Huntington.  But after these two blatantly murder someone in front of her, Callie packs a bag and escapes to the one person her father said to seek out, Colin MacPherson.  Colin and Callie's lives quickly become entangled while Colin tries to take out his vengeance on her, even though she sought him out for protection.  Although she is the daughter of his enemy Colin falls harder and harder for her.  But can he trust her with his secrets?

Highland Honor is an exciting historical with lots of passion and danger.  I felt drawn to Callie and Colin's lives and wanted to learn about them.  With some questions unanswered Ms. Young leaves it open for more stories with these great characters.  If you love highlanders, you'll love Highland Honor.


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