Hotel Spectre by Viola Grace

Devine Destinies


ISBN: 978-1-55487-413-2

Reviewed by Tanya




Sophie has grown up knowing she is different.  She is an animal talker, but when she attends the HalfBlood ball at Hotel Spectre, she finds out that what she has thought might not be right.  Meeting up with the person who is to be her mentor she finds out that instead she is an extremely rare “Love Talker”.  Now through the coaching and growing attraction with her coach Raffin she is coming easily into her gift but will that matter to her?  She just might want to keep Raffin more than anything else.

In Hotel Spectre, Ms. Grace shows that bigotry can take place in many different ways.  In this case it is between those who are pureblood and those who are mixed blooded beings in a magical world.  But, this parallels any kind of racism and is a tough subject to tackle. I felt that Ms. Grace did a wonderful job in this case, and I got to see some favorite characters, and find some new favorites while she did this.  I would someday love to spend time talking fantasy worlds with this author, but until then I will continue to read, and most likely enjoy, her works.   If you want a fast fantasy read then Hotel Spectre is for you, you might even find a world you want to learn more about.


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