Icing on the Cake by Shayla Kersten

Elloraís Cave

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 9781419927935

Reviewed by Shayna




Jeff Morgan doesnít do relationships.  He doesnít even do whole nights in one night stands.  Then his closest friend asks him to go to Cranford Designs and pick out her wedding cake and Jeff is thrown straight into the path of Ollie Cranford.  Ollie isnít your average baker.  Heís got a shaved head, gauged ears, piercings, tattoos, and a body that makes Jeff drool.  But Ollie wants more than just one night.  Are his sensual powers of persuasion enough to convince Jeff to give a real relationship a try?

Icing on the Cake is as delicious as the culinary confection the title references.  Itís decadent good fun with two sinfully sexy heroes.  I loved Ollieís ease and confidence and the way he handled Jeff, easing him into trying out being in a relationship.  The two fit well together, which kept me invested in the story.  What would have transformed Icing on the Cake from a simply a good story to a great one would be a bit more expansion.  If there had even been an epilogue to the tale it would have felt a bit more complete.  Still, I adore Shayla Kerstenís work and Icing on the Cake is no exception Ė itís a definite treat.


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