Imperial Guard by Viola Grace

Sector Guard, Book 6

Devine Destinies


ISBN: 978-1-55487-486-6

Reviewed by Tanya




Moreski needs the help of the Sector Guard and while Mala is not happy to be called to the Moreskiís home world after they cast her and her mother out she will do what her duty calls her to do.  She and her mate Isabi take off to do their duty but for this adventure they will be bringing along isabiís sister Isaro as their boss and friend has seen that her future mate is on Moreski.  Additionally Isaro has appearance altering skills that might just give her a place in the sector guard if she is willing, and this assignment might just be the way to determine what she wants.

When Isaro first meets Alomar, the Captain of the bodyguards for the royal Moreskiís she is stunned.  She is drawn to him and after her past she never thought she would be drawn to any man.

Alomar is stunned when he catches Isaroís scent for he knows instantly that she is to be his mate.  But, there is more than meets the eye with this Sector Guard visit and will Alomar have the time to woo Isaro?  When events take a drastic turn will Mala, Isabi, Alomar and Isaro survive the ensuing events?

My only complaint with this author is that I am starting to think she uses an Ouija board and her friendís cats to come up with her characters names.

I have been a fan of the Sector Guard series from the start and Imperial Guard does not disappoint.  While it is written so that you could read this short as a stand alone I would recommend that you buy the entire series as you will enjoy the read.  If you are a fan of sci-fi romances you will love the beings you meet in Imperial Guard and I think you want to see Alomar and Isaro find love.


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