Indulge Me by Kaenar Langford


Audio Book

Erotic Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-0-85715-102-5

Reviewed by Shayna




Keane Daniels is desperately in love with Rayche Marquette.  The only problem is the other man just happens to be his boss.  Keane has been living in perpetual torment for quite some time and when he receives a note commanding his presence in his favorite area of Indulgence – a gay spa and bathhouse – it seems like the perfect opportunity to exorcise Rayche from his mind.

Rayche has wanted Keane from the moment he hired him.  He’s resisted the lure of his gorgeous employee for as long as he could, but now he can bear it no longer.  He’s set up a Naughty Nooner and hopes the note he has sent to Keane will tempt him into showing.  Keane does, much to Rayche’s delight, but neither man is sure if the other’s feelings go beyond lust.  Is a Naughty Nooner all that’s in store for Rayche and Keane?  Or will their tryst turn into something that can last a lifetime?

Indulge Me singes with its erotic bathhouse escapade and devastatingly sexy heroes.  Kaenar Langford has created two delicious heroes who are easy to adore and a romance that is every bit as sweet as it is sexy.  I loved listening to Rayche and Keane tentatively open their hearts to one another even as they go full throttle when it comes to sex.  Indulge Me is a passionate, entertaining story that is truly a pleasure to either read or listen to.


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