In Hot Pursuit by Kate McMurray

Loose Id

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60737-517-3

Reviewed by Nannette




Eighteen months after his lover Josh died, NYPD cop Noah Tobin is sent to Florida to recoup and re-group. His first night there, Noah meets Harrison Knowles. The desire Noah feels for Harry takes him by surprise, then into the men’s room with Harry. But right afterwards, Harry disappears. Noah’s vacation only lasts one night. Now he’s thrown into Harry’s missing persons case. Finding Harry is part of the job, but realizing what Harry has come to mean to him is much more.

Noah’s anguish over losing Josh is heart wrenching. Later, his feelings for Harry are just as tangible. Although he does so reluctantly, taking that unexpected vacation is the best thing that ever happened to him - danger aside. You can take the detective off duty, but trouble will still find him. It’s fitting that Noah’s new relationship with Harry be rife with ups and downs.  He’s good at handling whatever comes his way. Harry is a fortuitous business man, charming, and pretty down to earth for someone who is filthy rich and deals with sex and drugs frequently. It’s almost surprising that Noah and Harry hook up because you’d think that Harry’s illegal drug affiliations and Noah being a cop would jeopardize their relationship. But true love conquers all! I am very impressed with In Hot Pursuit, especially because it’s written by a first time author. Along with some very hot sex, In Hot Pursuit is suspenseful, exciting, angst filled, and romantic.  Kate McMurray nailed it.


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