In Scandal They Wed by Sophie Jordan



ISBN: 9780061579219

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Evelyn Cross has sacrificed everything for her son.  While she may not be his biological mother, she has loved him unconditionally as a mother ever since he drew his first breath.  Because of the circumstances of his birth, Evelyn has moved away from home and now resides in the country where she is barely able to support herself and her child.  Each day is a struggle to keep her growing boy healthy and when Spencer Lockhart shows up at her cottage, Evelyn knows she is looking into the eyes of the man who fathered her son.  And then she agrees to marry him.

Spencer Lockhart has been searching for the woman his now deceased cousin loved and hurt.  Finding information about her has been sketchy at best and almost impossible to obtain.  Finally, however, Spencer finds himself at her home and he is hard pressed to refrain from demanding that she and her child leave with him immediately.  Politely poor is one thing, but his cousinís son is living in almost squalor.  Before he knows what he is doing, Spencer implores the boyís mother to marry him in order to alleviate a scandal and she agrees.  And so, In Scandal They Wed.

Talk about mistaken identities and well-kept secrets!  In Scandal They Wed begins with Evelynís sonís birth and the drama never lets up.  Spencer and Evelyn both have the best interests of their loved ones and while their attraction to each other is instantaneous, both feel guilty for the feelings they feel for each other.  Evelyn wants to hate Spencer for something he didnít do and Spencer in turn wanted to remember that Evelyn was a fallen woman.  Imagine their surprise when the truth came out!

Secrets abound, passions ignite, and love is found in Sophie Jordanís In Scandal They Wed!  It is truly a historical romance readers will want to read again and again!


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