In Too Deep by Portia da Costa

Black Lace


ISBN: 9780352341976

Reviewed by Niki Lee




This simply written erotic tale starts with a librarian, Gwendolyne.  She hasnít been with a man in a long while, so when she starts receiving mysterious missives detailing explicit, sexy things the writer wants to do with her, she is more than intrigued.  She is turned on and discovering things about herself she never knew.  But who is the writer who signs his letters as Nemesis?  When she finally meets the man behind the letters, the sex is even better than she dreamed.

In Too Deep is hot , hot, and even hotter.  If the letters donít get you going, the sex when they finally meet will.  Thereís not a single page that doesnít ooze passionate sex.  If you are looking for a hot read, you will definitely find it here.


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