Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann

Troubleshooters, Book 13

Ballantine Books

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ISBN: 978-0-345-50153-0

Reviewed by Tanya




Vinh Murphy, the one time operative of Troubleshooters Inc., has finally resurfaced, though he will never be able to forget the death of his wife, Angelina, during what was supposed to be a routine assignment.  He finally seems to have given up his path of self destruction and has shown up at his best friend Hannah’s.  Hannah has loved Vinh since she first met him years ago in Alaska.  Heck, she even introduced him to her best friend Angelina.  But, Vinh isn’t the only one who has suffered.  While he was grieving for her best friend she was involved in a horrific accident which left her on death’s door, and, as a result, though she lives she will always limp and be completely deaf.

Now as suddenly as Vinh has appeared, the man that he has always held accountable for Angelina’s death, the head of a neo-Nazi group called the Freedom Network, appears to have been murdered.  The FBI and others suspect Vinh and unfortunately the time period when this was supposed to have happened is all gone from Vinh’s memory, as part of his alcohol and pain killer haze.

Suddenly everyone seems to be gunning for Vinh and he doesn’t want Hannah in the cross fire.  Especially as with his sobering up he comes to realize just what she means to him.  As Troubleshooters desperately searches to help bring him in he will do whatever is necessary to keep Hannah safe.  Even if that means surrendering himself to the FBI – or die trying to take down the Freedom Network.

But Troubleshooters Dan, Decker and others don’t think Vinh has gone that far off the deep end after talking with Hannah and will do what it takes to help put the entire situation right.  When one of their own is killed you will see all those from past Troubleshooter novels.

Into the Fire is book number thirteen in the Troubleshooters world by Suzanne Brockmann.   While some might have worried that she was getting off track with her last few books, she is right back into the middle of danger with Into the Fire.  As usual there were at least three different stories to follow, which were woven together and easily followed, though I was a bit frustrated with where Izzy’s story was left.  I have seen where many people feel that some of the other characters seem to be acting out of character in this story.  I do not agree.  I think that Ms. Brockmann has made wonderful strides in making some of her characters grow and react to situations after ten years of reading about them.  Case in point is Vinh and how he finally decides to join the living and what he will do to keep Hannah safe.  I also love Ms. Brockmann’s strong characters and feel Hannah shows this trait to a ‘t.’ I look forward to book fourteen.

The team that reads Into the Fire is one that has read many of Ms. Brockmann’s books and is therefore a set of voices that seem like an old friend reading to me.  They are able to portray the situation and add danger where needed.  I think the duo reads well together and enhances the story.


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