Jade Butterfly by Lily Graison

Wicked, Book 3

Alinar Publishing


Reviewed by Jo




Jessi McClure is a professional photographer who was hired to take some publicity photos for Wicked, a popular rock band currently on tour.  Jessi never turns down a great job and is surprised when the group is a lot of fun, too.  Their understanding about a madcap escape during the shoot brought laughs that afternoon.  Itís just more whipped cream on the sundae of her life.

Christian Palmer is the bass player for Wicked and unlike the other members of the band, he is on the quiet and shy side.  While Christian knows he could have any woman he wants just because of the band, itís not the way Christian likes to do things.  Touring can be insane but the band comes up with games and pranks to pass the time.  Itís while being forced to play one of the games that Christian comes face to face with Jessi again.  He remembers the photographer who caught his eye before and is happy to renew their acquaintance when suddenly Jessi is gone yet again.

Both Jessi and Christian never thought they would see each other again anytime soon when the fates brought them into Vegas at the same time and the same hotel.  Jessi and a friend take up the chance to see the guys in concert and attends the after party.  Christian is positive that the guys are playing a joke on him when he hears Jessi is there and sheís coming to the concert and party that night.  Christian is prepared if she does show up, he has changed a few things since there last meeting.  Jessi and Christian are faced with an attraction that is strong and doesnít want to be denied.  They are both only in Vegas for a few days.  After discovering they just might have something stronger than attraction, both are thinking of ways to work around their professions when something vicious happens that could tear them apart forever.  Will Christian and Jessi be able to find a way back together before they leave Vegas and lose any chance for a future together?

Never ignore fate when it comes knocking.  Jade Butterfly shows just how hard the wings of love have to beat with some couples.  Jessi has the perfect life and enjoys every day of it.  Christian plays the part of the rock star while in reality he is far from it.  I could tell the cards had been thrown when Jessi and Christian kept crossing each other in so many places.  I was worried when Christian decided to change things about himself after Jessi escaped him the second time, but soon found out the important things had not changed at all.  As a matter of fact, both Jessi and Christian had some surprises in store for me as I read along.  After they finally came together in Vegas I was sure that would be their happy ending until a mean-hearted act tore them apart.  Finding the way back hurt both hearts but love can smooth over all.  Jade Butterfly proves that some hearts are just meant to be together.

Three band members have found their other halves and I have one to go.  This series does not have to be read in order to be enjoyed.


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