L.A. Bytes by PA Brown

L.A., Book 3

MLR Press

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60820-040-5

Reviewed by Nannette




A computer hacker has broken into St. Anne Hospitalís computers and caused major problems and the death of one man. Chris Bellamere is trying to find out who the hacker is. The attack hits home when Chrisí husband, Detective David Laine, is almost killed as well. The danger is only beginning.  Now their careers and both of their lives are being threatened. David and Chris are not the only targets though. If they canít stop him, the whole world will be at risk.

Chris and David get run over, shot at, beaten, and blown up in L.A. Bytes. They are real life super heroes trying to save themselves and the world.  Believe it or not, the story is more realistic than it sounds. They solve the crime using Davidís cop instincts and connections, Chrisí computer savvy, and their combined determination and intelligence. The one thing L.A. Bytes doesnít have that the first few L.A. series books do, is angst. Chris and Davidís relationship is solid. There are no seducers and theyíre both on the same page. The focus of the story is therefore on the hacker, the stalker, and trying to keep each other alive so they can live another day in each otherís arms.  But someone wants them gone and he wants to destroy them in the process. The end of the story is action-packed drama and excitement. P.A. Brown pens another masterful scenario that is intricate, riveting, and well planned.


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