Lick of Frost by J.A. Saare

Amira Press


ISBN: 978-1-935348-74-0

Reviewed by Klarissa




As leader of his coven, Alexander Clarisse believed what he wanted he should possess.  And he wanted Onyx Blackthorn.  He made pacts, contracts, and cast spells in order to have her as the protector of his coven and closer for his advances.  One advance too many found Alexander on the other end of a cursed dagger, and Onyx knew her fate was doomed.  Before his death, Alexander decided if he couldn't have her to touch, then no one could touch her - ever.  He cursed Onyx to live forever without the touch of another being. If someone did touch her, then they would experience severe pain as the part they touched her with would freeze.  Suffering the curse was much better than ever suffering the touch of Alexander again, that is until she meets Luke, a werewolf determined to have her as his mate.  Together Luke and Onyx fight the evil that cursed her, but will Alexander allow them to succeed?

Lick of Frost immediately pulls you into the world of witches, shape shifters, and other creatures of the night.  Alexander is a great villain with Luke equally fantastic as the hero.  Onyx is a kick ass heroine who knows what she wants.  All these characters, plus the supporting characters, really allowed the story to come to life.  J.A. Saare did a great job and I'm hoping there are more stories involving this group.


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