Love Means…No Boundaries by Andrew Grey

Sequel to Love Means…No Shame

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-390-2

Reviewed by Cassie




After a terrible motorcycle accident that left his face scarred, Joey Sutherland hides away on Geoff and Eli’s ranch, convinced no man will ever see past his scars.  He’s not happy to be sent to pick up a musician who’ll be staying at the ranch while the youth orchestra is in town, but he agrees.  Joey is even less happy when the musician, Robbie, seems to be unwilling to do anything—until he realizes Robbie is blind.  Attracted, but insecure and unwilling to take advantage of Robbie, Joey is determined to keep their interactions to friendship only.

Robert Edward Jameson, aka Robbie, is tired of his stifling life, filled with people who won’t let him do anything for himself.  Life at the farm, with Joey and the others, gives him a freedom he’s never known.  He also finds himself attracted to Joey.  Will Robbie and Joey dare to step out of their safe little worlds to be together?

Love Means…No Boundaries is without a doubt my favorite of the Love Means series.  Strong, kind Joey is easy to sympathize with.  The accident that scarred his face robbed him of his self-confidence as well, until he doesn’t believe anyone will ever want him again.  Robbie has his own problems.  His blindness leads others to treat him like he’s helpless, which he isn’t.  Watching him blossom with each new experience was lovely.  He also has an overprotective family that doesn’t have any idea he’s gay.  The scenes between Joey and Robbie are sweet and a little tentative, but in a nice way.  One of the best things about Joey and Robbie’s relationship is that neither of them treats Robbie’s blindness as an insurmountable obstacle.  There are still a great many things Robbie can do, and Joey is always willing to help him figure out how.  While the plot and conflict mostly went along as I’d expected, I enjoyed the ride anyway.  It was also good to check back in with Geoff and Eli, and Len.  Anyone who’s been following the series will definitely want to pick Love Means…No Boundaries up.  If you haven’t read any of the Love Means series, this one stands alone reasonably well, but I’d suggest reading the other two first to get the back story of the characters.


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