Lynx by Joely Skye

Samhain Publishing

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60504-975-5

Reviewed by Cassie




FBI Agent Trey Walters is also a shapeshifter, an ability he hides from his employers.  On a leave from the FBI, he goes to the Canadian wilderness to shift and run as a wolf.  He’s surprised when he finds the scent of another shifter—a cat.  He seeks out the giant lynx shifter and meets sweet, lonely Jonah, who lives in self-imposed exile and is so desperate for friendship he tries to make friends with Trey as a wolf.  Trey’s concerned for a fellow shifter, but what he feels soon becomes a lot more than that.

Jonah Carvin is instinctively frightened when the wolf he befriends turns into a man.  Trusting Trey is difficult, but he craves companionship and Trey is persistent.  The attraction he feels for the other shifter takes him by surprise.  He tries to suppress it, until he learns that Trey feels the same way he does.  They begin an affair, but Trey will have to return to his job soon.

Although Trey promises to return, years pass without a word.  Unsure whether Trey is dead or has just forgotten his promise, Jonah will have to make a choice—remain in doubt or go out into a world he barely understands.

Lynx is a fantastic, and dark, paranormal romance.  Having read the previous book, Feral, I had high expectations for Lynx, and the story lived up to them.  I couldn’t help but love lonely, sheltered Jonah.  Although he is afraid at first, over the course of the story Jonah reveals hidden strength.  Trey is strong and honorable.  He feels it’s his duty to protect those he cares for and others of his kind, which causes problems for himself and Jonah.  The events in Lynx take place during Joely Skye’s Minder series, and Feral, explaining some of the gaps in Trey’s life.

The plot itself is where the darkness comes in.  Ms. Skye doesn’t shy away from violence, blood, or even death.  Trey’s job is a dangerous one, hiding who he is and trying to protect his kind.  There are people who want to capture shifters and use them, and they have no compunction about hurting people to do so.  In his search for Trey, Jonah stumbles into Trey’s world, and getting out is never easy.  I don’t want to tell too much and spoil the story, but Trey’s actions in the aftermath of Jonah’s brush with the bad guys are incredibly sweet and touching.  Jonah’s evolution from frightened, lonely innocent to tough, protective man is a difficult one, but makes for a fascinating read.  If you like paranormal stories and shapeshifters, and don’t mind some violence with your romance, you’ll definitely want to pick up Lynx.


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