Maggie’s Ménage by Lacey Thorn


Audio Book


ISBN: 978-1-907280-84-9

Reviewed by Tanya




Maggie has tried to be the little princess that her father wants for years, but nothing seems good enough to win the love and affection that she craves.  Now he has the idea what she will seduce and marry one of two men he has picked out for her.  But, Maggie has finally decided to take a stand.  She knows the straight-laced type of men her father will try to pair her up with so when she sees them in the office she cements her plans.  She plans to seduce them, together, and then they will never want to marry her like her father wants.  While this is so out of character for Maggie she is determined to make a stand.

Alex and Patrick are stunned to see the gorgeous blond in Dom Houston’s office.  They are even more surprised when he seems to dismiss her out of hand.  When the infuriating man tries to hinder their investigation they temporarily forget about her.  But, when she arrives at their hotel room later in the day the friends are willing to see just what might happen.  They never expect that one of them might not ever want to let Maggie go.

Maggie’s Ménage takes the case of mistaken identities to another level.  But while many cases end in disaster this is one that ends with a bang and just maybe another couple who were meant to be together all along.  Ms. Thorn is known for writing very erotically charged scenes and Maggie’s Ménage will not disappoint though you might want to make sure you are listening on earphones and not in a car, or room with others, phew.

TEB’s choice for a reader is doing well for their new line of audio books, the way she reads I am never sure if there is more than one reader or not, as the story flows from male to female character so well.  I am very glad they have finally broken into the world of audio as it is fun to do things around the house and yard while listening to some of my favorite ebooks.


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