Making a Scene by Trudy Doyle

Ravenous Romance

Audio Book


ISBN: 978-1-60777-007-7

Reviewed by Tanya




The popular series of police partners Tanaka & Shields is the brain child and baby of Pamela Flynn.  Now this fictional Philadelphia duo is likely to not only send Pamela into the world of bestsellers but one of film and possibly TV, or so her editors believe.  If only she would add a sexual/romantic scene with the duo.  Pamela feels that her characters are not ready for this, much to everyone’s chagrin but wants to keep her job so sets out to write wheat she needs.  If only she didn’t have the world’s largest case of writer’s block.

Now she is also in the midst of a personal trauma, after finding her boyfriend and oldest friend in ‘her bed’.  She kicks them both out and after a nasty scene is at her wits end.  She ends up at the new local coffee house Serious Joe on a whim.  She quickly sees why the place is as popular as the owner Roark Carmelli might just be the hottest man she has ever seen.  Roarke turns out to not only be a fan but seems to be interested in potentially dating her.  Now, suddenly Pamela finds herself in the relationship she has always deserved, sigh, if she could only write that scene.

I found Making a Scene an incredibly interesting look into the genre of writing romance stories.  Or at least ones that have long had two main characters with sexual tension (think Maddie and David on the old “Moonlighting” series) that is fantastic.  Then if they were to suddenly become a couple would all that chemistry still be there or would it be lost?  That is just what Pamela Flynn is faced with in Making a Scene, and she is stuck to put it subtly.

I chose to review Making a Scene as an audio book as it allows me to do other things while “reading” an unabridged audio book.  I love this ability and I am especially fond of the fact that Ravenous Romance is one of the romance publishers who has ventured into this arena.  I thoroughly enjoyed the reader’s part in painting the story and keeping it moving and think you will also.


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