Master of Fire by Angela Knight

Mageverse, Book 10

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425233351

Reviewed by Shayna




Giada Shepherd is a brilliant chemist who also happens to be a relatively new Maja (aka immortal witch).  With someone targeting and killing Latents Ė mortals with the ability to become witches or vampires Ė Giada is called upon by the legendary Arthur and Guinevere of Camelot to protect their mortal son, Logan MacRoy.  Logan, an intelligent forensic chemist in his own right, works with the Greendale County Bomb Squad and if he knew the new chemist shadowing his work was a Maja heíd toss her out on her ear.  So Giada is ordered not to reveal her true identity and to most definitely not sleep with Logan and trigger his Change.  But with the unfulfilled desire between Logan and Giada becoming too much to bear and a deadly enemy determined to take out the pair, the truth is bound to come out.  And when it does, itís not just the fate of Logan and Giadaís hearts on the line.

Take a trip into the exciting Mageverse world in Master of Fire.  Iíve been long awaiting a new Mageverse novel and Loganís story in particular, so I was thrilled when I got my hands on a copy of Master of Fire.  I must say, I loved revisiting some of my favorite characters in the Mageverse series (Arthur and Guinevere in particular) and seeing new obstacles arise that are sure to continue in future books.  Itís nearly impossible to talk about some of the more thrilling points of Master of Fire without spoiling the book, so Iíll avoid danger by saying that Iím sure other readers will finish the story as desperate as I to read the next book, Master of Smoke.

Where Master of Fire falls short for me is, quite sadly, the two protagonists.  Thereís a spark missing from Logan, Giada, and their romance that is present in the earlier Mageverse novels.  They did not come alive for me, nor did I become invested in their love story.  I had such high hopes for Arthur and Guinevereís son that this book was a bit of a letdown in terms of characterization.

Master of Fire is the tenth story (sixth full-length book) in the Mageverse series, but Angela Knight provides enough information that it can be read as a standalone.  The action sequences and the new troubles that arise in the Mageverse world were intriguing and the lead in to Master of Smoke left me eagerly awaiting its release.


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