Myla by Moonlight by Inez Kelley

Samhain Publishing

Fantasy, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60504-660-0

Reviewed by Jo




Prince Taric received the gift of a lifetime from his mother minutes after his birthóa guardian who will always be around. Her only job is to protect Taric from any harm.  Taric has always know that Myla is around, which made him take her for granted until the one night she saves him from an assassination attempt and she is badly hurt.  That night, Taric saw Myla as more than his magical guardian.

Myla was born when her essence came to the magical call of Taricís mother.  She has watched him grow up from an adorable small boy to a teen determined to train so he could be a warrior himself and now he is a man that suddenly makes her feel things that Myla never knew existed.  Against her best instincts, Myla agrees to a dinner with Taricóa dinner that was just the beginning of a passion that should never happen.

Taric wants Myla as his Princess and Queen.  He doesnít care that she is mystical and magical. Taric just knows that there has to be a way to make her human and his bride.  The danger that has always been around Taric becomes more deadly as a family enemy makes a decisive strike.  Myla has always protected Taric from everything, even himself, and now she must save him from the deadly past.  On a night that should have been pure celebration, death strikes and itís only true and lasting love that can put things right again.

When your true love isnít real, can it be forever?  Myla by Moonlight begins with life, death and magic. Interestingly enough, it ends the same way.  Prince Taric could have had a life of pure indulgence, but he learned to fight along side his men.  Myla became a part of Taricís life after answering the magical call of his mother. Taricís entire life has had danger just around the corner so I wasnít surprised that it was because of danger that Myla and Taric discovered their passion.  Emotions run high from every corner, which made the story that much more interesting to me.  Right up until the end, I just didnít see how Myla and Taric could find a way for their love to have a chance.  However, last minute twists and turns not only brought them together forever but also showed me that a true love will last eternally.  Myla by Moonlight takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride that has many happy endings.  A story that I can firmly say you will want in your fantasy/paranormal library to be re-read many times.


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