My Shifter Showmance by R. G. Alexander

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-958-8

Reviewed by Jo




Margo Sheffield used to explore life with a joy and exuberance to experience everything she could. That ended when Margo found out her trust had been betrayed in a horrible way. The wild and free Margo disappeared and out came sane Margo who works as an assistant to the head of a production company.  Now she only finds joy in sexy shoes, hot romances, dark chocolate and a blog that just has to be make-believe.  But that hasnít stopped her from chat flirting with Thomas under her log-on name.

Thomas Lyons is a cat shifter, okay, a lyon shifter who doesnít find joy in his everyday life anymore. Tired of several things including hiding who and what he was, lead to him beginning his own blog called Shifting Reality. In this blog Thomas told the real truth about his life and that of his roommates, a computer savvy demon named Saint, and a moody vampire named Mac.  In their case, reality really was stranger than fiction.  However, Tom knows that most fans of the page believe it to be fantasy.

For a final hurrah, Thomas convinces Saint and Mac to agree to a contest in which nine people will win a week with them at Macís castle in Scotland. Unable to resist, Margo enters knowing she will never win.  However, Margo never counted on the curiosity of a cat that wants to meet the person behind the log-on name and his helpful roomies.  Winning the contest only puts Margo in a harder spot. She takes off with the other winners to meet the sexy Thomas, only to fall under his spell instantly. The week goes by and day-by-day the winners leave for one reason or another. All most over, Margo and Thomas are constantly together until one of her secrets comes out and then another one. Her secrets cause misunderstandings and hurt feelings, until Margo leaves in the dark, never expecting to see any of the roommates again. With everything now in the open, can Thomas find a way to prove their love is something that belongs together?

An unbelievable blog brings the sexy narrator and one lonely woman together in Scotland.  My Shifter Showmance is something I could easily believe could happen in our world of reality TV.  Margo has a secret addiction to a blog and its narrator that leads her to an exciting new life. Thomas began the blog as a way to show the world that many things live along side humans. I could understand why Margo just had to enter the contest and laughed when I saw what Thomas was up to.  Watching while Margo and Thomasí flirting online turned into a burning passion was great because of everything going on around them.  But my heart did hurt for both of them the night questions brought some secrets Margo had into the light. I worried towards the end that the love Margo and Thomas found would be lost for good.  However, I forgot that when shifters chose their mateís and its for life - period.  My Shifter Showmance is passionate and light-hearted in a way that made it an instant favorite.  I can only hope that later Mac and Shifter will find their mates.


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