Night Huntress by Yasmine Galenorn

Sisters of the Moon, Book 5


Audio Book

Urban fantasy/Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-0425225462

Reviewed by Tanya




Delilah is one of the sisters who are living among the humans trying to keep humanity safe from threats in the Netherworld.  She along with her sisters and their band of friends are doing all that they can to keep themselves and humans alive.  They are also searching for the Spirit Seals which no one wants to see in the hands of demons.

Delilah is a shape shifter with an interesting form, she is a tabby cat, and in fact whenever she is stressed that is the form she is most likely to be in.  But, recently she has also been able to shift into the form of a panther, though she isnít always sure when the panther will be available for the shift.  Now if she can only figure out what is bothering her human boyfriend Chase.  When Chase utters the name of another woman while in bed things become even more worrisome for Delilah.  But, she doesnít have time to dwell on it as one of the Spirit Seals has emerged and it is an all out battle to get it back.  Before the story unfolds there will be many changes in Delilahís life and will she be able to handle them all?  Will she still have a boyfriend at the end?

When is the next book due out was the first thing that came to my mind when I finished listening to Night Huntress.  I was hoping I didnít have too long of a wait as there was no way I could keep my excitement in with my interest in the Sisters of the Moon series.  I will admit I started on book five by accident and will now have to go back and get the first four to help fill me in.  But it was easy to follow Night Huntress and for those who like super strong female characters and an eccentric group of support characters you have to pick up Night Huntress.  Night Huntress has it all from dragons, cat shape shifters, demon fighting, human partners, tangled love lives and magic users; sigh what more could you ask for?


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