Nothing Denied by Jess Michaels

Albright Sisters, Book 3

Avon Red

Erotic Historical, Light BDSM

ISBN: 978-0061657726

Reviewed by Shayna




Members of the ton give Beatrice Albright a wide berth.  Though beautiful, the third Albright sister is an acknowledged shrew and, at the beginning of her seventh season, considered to be ready for spinsterhood.

Beatrice is aware of her reputation and knows that her attitude has landed her in a situation that is almost too much for her to bear.  When her older sisters take their youngest sister rather than Beatrice under their wing in order to help Winifred catch a husband, Beatrice finds herself staring into the face of her future: no social invitations and only her mother for company.  To avoid this fate, dramatic steps must be taken.  Beatrice knows the only way for her to land a husband is to find someone no one else would marry.  Gareth Berenger, Marquis of Highcroft, fits the bill perfectly.

Gareth is handsome and wealthy, but the rumors that he killed his first wife make him more of an outcast than Beatrice.  Gareth wouldnít even attempt to move in society, but that he needs an heir and thus needs a wife.  When the tempestuous Beatrice proposes to him, Gareth is intrigued.  But Gareth is a man of unconventional erotic tastes and experience has taught him that his bride must suit him sexually.  So he makes a deal with Beatrice: spend a fortnight with him and if they match in the bedroom they will get married.  Itís a shocking proposition, but for Gareth and Beatrice itís their last chance to wed.  Will their erotic adventure end in happiness or heartbreak?

Follow Jess Michaels behind closed doors where nothing is denied when the prize is pleasure.  The third Albright sister meets her match in a darkly seductive lord who is perfect hero material.  Gareth is sexy, dominant, and tender Ė the perfect match for the dramatic, passionate Beatrice.  I loved watching Beatrice shed the layer of shrewishness sheís worn for so long.  What makes Nothing Denied so enjoyable is that neither Beatrice nor Gareth take each other at face value.  They work to uncover the people beneath the reputations and itís no surprise to the reader that, when all is said and done, they are both likeable, endearing characters that are perfect for one another.  On top of the romance is the sexual journey Beatrice takes with Gareth.  With a touch of BDSM and a healthy dose of eroticism, Nothing Denied might just be Ms. Michaelsís hottest book to date.

Nothing Denied is the third Albright Sisters book, but it can be read as a stand-alone.  I enjoyed Nothing Denied just as much, if not more, than Everything Forbidden and Something Reckless, both excellent books in their own right.  From teasing mentions in Nothing Denied of how the youngest Albright sister, Winifred, winds up married, I definitely hope Ms. Michaels writes her story.  Until then, Iíll just curl up and enjoy the sinfully delicious Nothing Denied once more.


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