Out of Her Dreams by Fran Lee

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419921247

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Samantha is a bestselling erotic romance author with a hero that her fans can’t get enough.  Too bad he’s not real. Or is he?

When David shows up at her book signing to discover the reason she is using his likeness on the book covers, Sam is sure she’s lost her mind.  The worst that could happen is that he will sue her!  It’s daunting; he’s an infamous pro-wrestler known for his wicked ways! There’s no way she can resist him, and he’s not taking “no” for an answer either.

Who can resist a hotter-than-Hades professional wrestler that’s straight Out of Her Dreams?  No one can! And who would want to?  Certainly not Samantha nor any other woman, fan, etc.—you get the picture!  This story blazes hotter than an oil fire; a team of firefighters couldn’t put it out!  You might want to avoid reading this on a sweltering day if a cold beverage or shower is out of your reach.  I also strongly suggest avoiding a crowded bus if you plan to take this tasty tale along because you’re sure to break out in a sweat and suffer discomfort all the way home.

Frisky, fun, with a host of characters you’re glad quit their day jobs. Out of Her Dreams packed a punch, elbow, and uppercut so powerful I decided to read it again.  The relationship twists are just as much a part of the plot as the unexpected extras.  Samantha is assertive, artistic, vulnerable, and feisty.  This personal balancing act is enough to keep up with David who’s libidinous, dominate, aggressive and tender under his tough act.  I couldn’t get enough of them as a couple!  Is David a ringer for Batista?  Or The Rock?  Is Samantha standing in for the author?  I hope I’m closer to the answers than not!  What fun, all the goodies made fantasy.  As a kid, I loved the WWF, and the endless list of characters and athletes strutting their stuff and working their skills.  Fran Lee works her creativity and takes bragging rights, by using a testosterone loaded setting and fiery characters to keep you totally engaged and excited.


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