Picture Me Perfect by Stormy Glenn

Noble Romance

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60592-087-0

Reviewed by Lisa




When Officer Jamie Eversonís partner retires he is lucky enough to be paired with another decent guy who just happens to be gay as well.  Officer Troy Summers has a solid career, a home, and people who care about him. But the moment he sees Nicky walk into the pub he knows heís found his future.

Unfortunately, Nicky comes with some baggage. His overprotective brother Jamie is one problem. Yep, thatís right, Troyís partner is Nickyís brother. Troy reluctantly agrees to keep quiet while they get to know each other with the promise that Nicky will tell Jamie, sooner rather than later. The other hiccup is Bruce, Nikyís abusive ex-boyfriend. Dangers on the job and continued threats will either bring them closer or tear them apart.

Look for engaging characters in a fast paced, entertaining romance called Picture Me Perfect.  Nicky and Troy are both sweethearts, while Jamie manages to redeem himself before the story ends.  The physical abuse isnít really dealt with until other issues come to light which some may question.  But it is the genuine love story that develops which makes Picture Me Perfect an enjoyable read.  Picture Me Perfect has a few bumps, but the romance is definitely perfect.


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