Reader, I Married Him by Janet Mullany

Loose Id

Erotic Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60737-562-3

Reviewed by Shayna




Two con artists have hatched a perfect plot: they will pose as St. John and Diana Rivers and present themselves to their dear “cousin” Jane Eyre, mistress of Thornfield Hall.  But even the most well-thought-out plans go awry.  Jane is nothing like St. John and Diana expect.  Jane is mistress of Thornfield Hall, but her fiancé, Edward Rochester, isn’t dead like most people assume.  He’s held prisoner by Jane who uses him as her sex slave.  St. John is undeniably attracted to Jane, but it’s Rochester who captures Diana’s interest.  When deception is the name of the game, is there any possibility for love?

Janet Mullany takes the classic story of Jane Eyre and turns it on its head.  Brontë purists would be well advised to avoid Reader, I Married Him, for the characters are almost unrecognizable.  Myself, I enjoyed the tale on its own merits, but with it being so very different from its source material, I wondered why Ms. Mullany bothered to use Jane Eyre as base material rather than writing a story that would be completely her own.  Reader, I Married Him is an erotic delight, but I do wish the romance between Diana and Rochester was more fleshed out.  I adored Diana, but the “love” aspect, as it were, came out of nowhere.  St. John was equally intriguing, but again, his relationship with Jane never felt fully developed and given how Ms. Mullany ended Reader, I Married Him, I’m hoping to see their story continue in a sequel.  All in all, I was entertained by Reader, I Married Him, though I think with a bit of expansion the story could have gone from simply diverting to a truly sexy, exciting tale.


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