Ride to Ecstasy by Ann Cory

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-966-3

Reviewed by Jo




Carah Lessard is an artist, inventor, and business woman who had everything she ever wanted in her life, until a bad motorcycle accident drastically changed her.  Instead of reaching for all that life and her lover could give her with both hands, Carah held back and avoided the passion they both had.  Now alone, she has only her latest invention business to give her satisfaction. While she might be satisfied, the one thing Carah wants is gone forever.

Vaughn Collins has just finished his latest job, which will allow him to enjoy life for a while without working.  Vaughn knows exactly how he wants to enjoy life – with Carah by his side again.  It’s been six long months since he left for this job and admittedly, he cowardly left Carah when she needed him.  Now Vaughn is headed back to her and he doesn’t plan on accepting “no” for an answer to anything.  Vaughn knows that he can help Carah overcome her new fear of motorcycles; he plans on doing that and reclaiming their passion for bikes and each other.

Carah doesn’t know what to do when Vaughn reappears suddenly.  Hurt causes her to strike out and then to regret it.  She was totally unprepared when he showed up again and tempts her to get back on a bike.  That erotic night let Carah reclaim her love of riding but can Vaughn prove to her that he is back to stay?

Two lovers are broken apart after a nasty accident.  Ride to Ecstasy shows Carah and Vaughn a way back to each other’s arms.  Carah was just beginning to explore all the things that life had to give her when an accident replaced joy with fear.  Vaughn left mysteriously instead of staying and helping Carah – now he’s headed back to reclaim his love.  I could understand why Carah had her fear and couldn’t get back on a bike.  However, I also know that the only way to face a fear is to get back up on a bike and take control.  This is something that Vaughn knows and plans on helping Carah discover.  The only positive thing that came out of their parting was the ultimate pleasure machine Carah invented.  I can truly say that every woman will want one after reading about it.  Too bad they aren’t real – yet.  Ride to Ecstacy is both highly erotic and sweetly loving as two hearts find a way to live, as they desire.


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