Rylandís Sacrifice by Kim Dare

Resplendence Publishing

Erotic M/M Paranormal

Reviewed by Nannette




To earn some desperately needed money for college Ryland Gilford sacrifices himself for one night to a pride of werelions.  As nervous as he is, Ryland wouldnít be doing it if he didnít want to. Thinking about it and actually doing it are two different things though, especially when one of the lions he comes face to face with is someone he knows.

What starts off as an exciting way to make some money turns into a life changing experience for Ryland. With one touch from Arslan he goes from anxious college student to eager sex kitten. Rylandís instincts kick in and create turmoil for him. He knows what he wants and even what to do, but he doesnít know why. He becomes desperate for Arslan while he tries to decipher his feelings. Arslanís patience is tested as he waits for Ryland to come to him. There are a lot of shifter stories out there and probably many involving lions, but Rylandís Sacrifice is one of the best. Itís expertly penned, character driven, and has tons of angst and emotion on every page. The sex enhances rather than dominates the plot. The many twists and turns kept me on edge and completely riveted to every page.  Neither the characters, nor the emotions in Rylandís Sacrifice feel contrived.  I also love how the pride interacts with each other both in human and lion form. Their interactions are genuine and add a natural and realistic feel to the story.


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