Sammy Dane by Stormy Glenn

Noble Romance

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60592-062-7

Reviewed by Lisa




Sometimes being the elder brother doesnít mean looking out for little brother.  Just ask Sammy, aka gay erotic author Dane Summers, whose younger brother Troy is a cop and considers himself Sammyís keeper.  So he occasionally forgets to pay bills or eat, so what?  Once the words start flowing in a story itís hard to remember anything else.

Officer Jamie Everson has developed the habit of being a Ďhit and runí lover, hit them up for a night of hot sex and run for the hills afterwards.  Itís always been fun, but these days watching his work partner Troy and his younger brother Nicky basking in a loving, committed relationship is making Jamie wonder what he might be missing.

Never were two gay men more different in temperament than Sammy and Jamie, yet lightening strikes when they meet and the air sizzles with their chemistry.  Then a night of unbelievable passion is followed by unfortunate miscommunication.  The future holds real surprises for the men from ecstasy to danger and beyond.

Sammy Dane blends a lovely romance with incredibly hot erotic loving in this tale of opposite attraction.  Sammy and Jamie prove that keeping some relationships in the family is the right way to go.  Author Stormy Glenn consistently does a wonderful job giving readers great characters to fall in love with, characters we want to become invested in.  Witty dialogue, an enjoyable plot and incredible sex make Sammy Dane pure entertainment.


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