Savage Awakenings by Stephani Hecht

The Lost Shifters Series, Book 3

eXtasy Books

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-492-7

Reviewed by Lisa




It is very difficult to survive in the shifter world when you arenít able to hold your animal form during times of danger or heightened emotions.  Various shifter groups wonít even acknowledge Rat because of his affliction, except jaguar leader Mitchell takes him in, no questions asked.

With good reason Rat is snarky and unsociable, but he is also a wiz with computers.  Right now Ratís working on a list to find the lost shifter children taken long ago during a massacre engineered by the Ravens.

At first Keegan thought he was imaging being followed, although when he is confronted by men who shift into weird birdmen, Keegan knows heís in trouble.  He is rescued by a huge tiger, and then something goes wrong so that Keegan ends up calling Rat for help.

It may not be love at first sight, but it is definitely lust at first sight as neither can barely keep their hands off each other, the feelings are so strong.  As they get to know each other deeper emotions take root.  Keegan insists on calling Rat by his real name, Carson, which strikes a cord in the edgy cheetah.  They travel to Flint and home, the pair getting closer while they dodge the enemy at every turn.  Itís bad enough that the Ravens want Keegan without family trying to destroy their emerging bond.  Sometimes itís hard to tell friend from foe.

Savage Awakenings is a satisfying blend of sensuality, high drama and non-stop action.  Fans of the Lost Shifter series will enjoy watching Rat/Carson learn the lesson of love with another of Mitchellís lost siblings.  There are moments of decadent bliss followed by heart pounding danger and suspense.  If this is your first foray into the Lost Shifter world, Savage Awakenings is sure to hook you with spirited and hot characters set in an entertaining, primal world.  Have a good time reading Savage Awakenings, these shifters are something else.


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