Seducing Stephen by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon

Loose Id

Gay Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60737-519-7

Reviewed by Cassie




Peter, Earl of Stafford, is surprised but pleased to find a young man in the bed he normally uses for visits to his friends the Pratts’ country house.  At first.  Then he realizes he’s gotten into bed with Stephen, a friend of the Pratts’ son, Brian.  Horrified, he tries to leave, but, seeing that Stephen is willing, he stays for a brief lesson in pleasure.  Afterward, still drawn to Stephen, he agrees to teach the young man a few more lessons before they both leave.

Stephen’s life is set out for him, college and then the family business, but he longs for something more.  His attraction to other men is just another thing that marks him as different, until he meets Peter.  Irresistibly attracted to the older man, he’s content with whatever Peter will give—at first.  Will Stephen’s heart be broken when their time with the Pratts is over?

I really enjoyed Seducing Stephen.  Victorian England is a setting I love, and I thought Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon did a good job conveying the time and place.  The characters, too, are well done.  Naïve, sweet Stephen was easy to sympathize with.  His desolation after his first experience with Peter was heart-wrenching.  Peter, far from the jaded, cold man he presents himself to be, is actually a man of deep emotions and thoughts.  Watching him battling himself was both fascinating and painful.  The evolution of Peter and Stephen’s relationship is slow, with fits and starts.  The love scenes between them are hot from the start, and the blossoming emotions made them even more so.  The conflict is realistic, given the time period, and not an easy one to get past.  The secondary characters are interesting as well, especially a certain pair near the end of the story.  The ending is both realistic and sweet.  Overall, I found Seducing Stephen to be a lovely, emotional read.  Fans of Victorian England can’t go wrong with this one!


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