Shara & Friends Naught Bites, Volume 1 by Shara Azod, Drea Riley, Laura Guevara, Jeanie Johnson, and Jayha Leigh

Lulu Publishing

Contemporary Erotic

ISBN: 978-0557073962

Reviewed by Nikita Steele




“Frisky Whisky” by Drea Riley

For the past two years, almost every Saturday night Angelo watched Lisa bartend at the most popular bar in town.  Although many men outrageously flirted with her, she only had eyes for him.  Was Lisa really to be claimed by Angelo?

Wow! “Frisky Whisky” was an amusing, sexy, hot story.  The passion showcased between Angelo and Lisa was lip-smacking good and left me breathless with great desire.  Angelo was incredibly sexy and very affectionate with Lisa; while Lisa was a naughty tease with the purpose of turning Angelo on.


“Cowboy Loving Night” by Laura Guevara

From the first moment he saw her on the dance floor, Hunter knew he had to have her.  Captivated by her alluring essence, Hunter dance the night away with Iris in his arms.  Before the break of dawn, Iris would be his in every sense of the word.

Whew!  “Cowboy Loving Night” was one down right naughty read.  I am still tingling from the sensation that this story brought forth.  From start to finish Ms. Guevara threw in one wicked twister after another.  I was very pleased with this story.


“Double Up” by Shari Azod

Drea had the hots for the two night managers she worked part-time with at the local grocery story.  She shameless flirted with both Dillon and Josh.  Has Drea opened up a can of worms?  Has her perceived harmless flirtation turned into something much more?  Can she handle two men at the same time?

“Double Up” was a deliciously written story of the bond between three people.  Drea was doubled up in every since of the word when Dillon and Josh decided to claim her as their woman.  The passion between the threesome was steamy hot and very lustful in nature.  Please note there was anal play involved and is a M/F/M storyline.


“Original Gangsta Daddy” by Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh

Levi “Cadillac” Garrison had it all – good looks, a boat load of money and any woman at his beck and call.  Then a forgotten named woman showed up on his door step with a baby claiming it was his.  From that moment forth his life changed, and all his joys from the past didn’t mean a thing.  His one and only priority was his daughter and it remained that way for five years until he met Melodia Lexington.  But she didn’t want anything to do with him.  Will Cadillac be able to convince Melodia otherwise?

“Original Gangsta Daddy” was an intense, emotional read.  Both Cadillac and Melodia were strong-willed characters and their chemistry was off the charts.  The novel was filled with passion and enough drama to keep me hanging on the edge of my seat.  I enjoyed this story.


I can truly say that Shari & Friends Naughty Bites, Volume 1 was one naughty book just as its title suggested.  Each story is filled with lust and sexual encounters that will set your soul on fire.  So readers, be prepared to fan your heated faces as you dive into one blazing hot story after another.


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