Shara & Friends Naught Bites, Volume 3 by Shara Azod, Laura Guevara, Reana Malori & RaeLynn Blue

Lulu Publishing


ISBN: 978-0557081325

Reviewed by Nikita Steele




 “Claiming Lana” by Reana Malori

Jake Bradford and Lana Miller clashed at every turn.  It was no secret around the office that there was no love lost between them.  Or, was there?

If you are a fan of spark flying, office type romance, then “Claiming Lana” is just the story for you.  The sexual tension was incredibly hot both in the office and in the bedroom.  Although each tried to deny it internally, the passion spirally between Jake and Lana refused to be continually ignored and it came to the forefront with a bang!


“Sexting” by Laura Guevara

Luke Justice and Marie Cazalas had been the best of friends for the past nine years.  Recently work constraints had forced the friends into communicating through text messaging.  What started out as an innocent text conversation quickly blossomed into a very flirtatious sexting dialogue. 

“Sexting” turned out to be a modern day, fun-loving type of read.  It proved that the best of romantic relationships start out with a strong friendship foundation.  This was a sexually charged story that was full of sizzle and fire.  Luke and Marie’s chemistry was out of this world and their dialogue was wicked and sensual in nature.


“I Heard You, Baby” by Shara Azod

For the past three years Letticia Morgan and Sergeant Ross Wookcock had secretly been lusting after each other; yet, neither was willing to make that fact known to the other.  So, to work off her frustration, Letticia chose to be a thorn in Ross’ side whenever possible.  Yet, no matter how much she goaded him Ross always remained respectful toward Lettica.  That was until Ross decided to push back with a heated kiss.

Whew!  “I Heard You, Baby” was one dangerously hot ticking-bomb type romance that was ready to erupt at a moments notice.  This is one explosive sexual encounter not to be missed!  Ross was a master at making Letticia intensely burn from the inside out.  I don’t know who was more turned on, me or Letticia.


“Logan’s Run” by RaeLynn Blue

IGO Officer Logan Flatts had been framed for a horrific crime that he didn’t commit because he refused to go along with his team members that actually committed the felony.  On the run as a fugitive, Logan had successfully managed to exclude the police.  But when he learned that the killers intended to kidnap Emerald Baha and to use her in hopes to capture him, Logan was determined to keep Emerald out of harm’s way by any means necessary because no one was going to hurt the woman that he loved.

“Logan’s Run” was a fast-past, futuristic tale filled with suspense and red-hot passion.  Although, incriminating evidence showcased Logan as a criminal, in her heart Emerald knew that it wasn’t true.  I admired how she was willing to go to extreme lengths to prove it.  The couple’s passion burned fervently and with the added suspenseful, futuristic element, “Logan’s Run” proved to be a fantastic read.


Shara & Friends Naughty Bites, Vol. 3 was a great collection of tales with its mixture of military, old friendship, office romance and sci-fi type thrills.   Each story was unique written and filled with scrumptious sexual encounters that will set your soul on fire.


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