“Dirty Little Secret” by Tigra-Luna LeMar

Lady Abigail Stanwick was almost twenty-one years old and still without a husband.  She knew that it was considered taboo, but how else was she suppose to learn about what went on in the bedroom between a man and a woman other than to view naughty pages.  Then to Abigail’s shocking surprise, Lord William Canteridge discovered her “Dirty Little Secret” and presented a proposal that was mighty hard to refuse.  Will Abigail take William upon his offer?

This was a great historical-type story.  Abigail had a very curious nature and William was determined to be the one and only to satisfy her curiosity by any means necessary.  I fell in love with William from the get go.  He was sexy, compassionate and captivating – all the things that Abigail found deeply attractive.  “Dirty Little Secret” proved to be a fun-loving, spicy romance.


“The Faery Princess” by Marteeka Karland

Devlin, a member of the Elemental Guard, was honored with the mission of locating and returning the Magical Forest King’s long lost granddaughter.  Devlin was charged with protecting her virtue and keeping her out of harm’s way at all cost.  Easy, right?  Wrong!  From the first moment he saw her, Devlin was instantly attracted to Ellie and to make matter’s worse, Ellie practically jumped his bones.  Will Devlin give into his desire to be with Ellie when he knew that he would suffer the King’s wrath when he learned of their love affair?

Oh My!  “The Faery Princess” was not what I expected – it turned out to be so much more.  This was a sweet fairytale showcasing smoldering heat with the purpose of spicing up the romance that instantly sparked between Devlin and Ellie.  I was pleasantly amazed and very happy with the ending.  “The Faery Princess” turned out to be full of surprises that I found to be very fascinating.


“Unexpected Valentine” by Savannah J. Frierson

Gunnar Daniels hadn’t realized how busy he had become with the opening of his new gym, so much so that he had been neglecting his beautiful bride to be, Tyler Carver.  And, it didn’t help matters that Tyler had been busy with helping her sister out with taking care of her sister’s new baby.  That was until his sister reminded him of that fact with a surprising Valentine’s gift.  With Valentine’s Day just a day away, will Gunnar be able to recapture the spark that once defined their relationship?

Here was a storyline that focused on a ‘very much in love’ couple that somehow had allowed the norms of everyday life to thrust them into neglecting one another.  This was a frivolous, passionate way of rediscovering the importance of a vibrant relationship.  Readers will find “Unexpected Valentine” to be absolutely entertaining, a joy to read and most of all, easy to relate to.


“Workout Partner” by Reana Malori

Every since Michelle Simmons joined his gym, Luke Anderson knew that she was his woman and he made sure that each man in the gym was aware of that fact.  Now, all he needed to do was to convince Michelle that they belonged together.  Luke was at a loss until one memorable night in the gym’s Jacuzzi.  But, has Luke pushed things to far with Michelle?

Wow!  This was one wickedly written story that sent me into a total meltdown.  The passion that flared between Michelle and Luke was scorching hot and presented in a highly erotic manner.  I will never look at a Jacuzzi in the same light again!


“Piper’s Pleasure” by RaeLynn Blue

Captain Piper Carter and Ryan Seagrass had spent the past two years dancing around the fact that they desired one another.  That was until Ryan had goaded Piper one to many times.  Had Ryan finally gone too far, or was this the start of one super hot relationship?

This little dynamic story was all about providing pleasure for Piper, and Ryan was just the man to tackle that task.  No matter how hard the couple tried to ignore what was going on between them, the passion refused to remain on the back burner. 


“Chemical Reaction” by Shara Azod

From the first moment she walked in for an interview, Dr. Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Soren was smitten with Shana Wilkins, and for the next two years his desire had only grown even more profoundly for her.  Well, enough was enough!  Zeke was about to test his hypnosis – to see if the “Chemical Reaction” between them was as explosive as he thought it to be.

“Chemical Reaction” proved to be an intensely, blistering page-turner.  Although the chemistry between Zeke and Shana was explosive from the start; neither acknowledged that fact - mainly due to their professional relationship and to the idea that the other could not possibly see the other in a romantic light.  Boy, were they both in for a rude awakening when an undeniable rush of heated desire came rapidly knocking at their door.


I found Shara & Friends Naughty Bites, Volume 4 to be a dazzling anthology of wit, love, thrills, and sensuality all rolled into one.  Each story was sexy, intriguing in its own unique way and tremendously enjoyable.  Readers’ appetites will definitely be satisfied by the conclusion of this fabulous collection of tales.


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