Shara & Friends Naughty Bites, Volume 2 by Shara Azod, Jeanie Johnson, and Jayha Leigh

Lulu Publishing

Interracial Romance/Paranormal

Reviewed by Nikita Steele




“Casting Spells by Shara Azod

At thirty years old, Rebecca Marlow was tired of living the lonely, single life.  She was determined to catch a man’s love one way or another.  So, she decided to cast one of her aunt’s magical spells titled ‘Bringing Him to You’.  But because of her desperation and eagerness to complete the spell before her aunt caught her, Rebecca neglected to see the header before the spell’s title – the header said Gargoyles!  But, gargoyles don’t exist or do they?

Cadfael heard her call and he answered.  After fighting off fifteen gargoyle challenges, Cadfael had won the right to claim Rebecca as his mate.  Now, all he had to do was to convince her that gargoyles really do exist, and that he and she were destined to be mates for eternity.

I found “Casting Spells” to be an erotically sexy and amusing tale.  The chemistry between Cadfael and Rebecca was hot like fire.  The sex was passion-filled and instant.  The comical relief came in the form of Rachel’s discovery of the true existence of gargoyles.


“Next Door Favor” by Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh

From the first moment he saw her, Sebastian Ryan knew that Lightning Garaile was his woman.  Every since she moved in next door, Sebastian had found one excuse after another to pay her a visit in order to catch a glimpse of her beauty.  After months of an endless pursuit it was time for Sebastian to stake his claim.

Lightning Garaile was fed up with her next door neighbor Sebastian Ryan borrowing things from her; but, because they lived out in the middle of nowhere she gave him whatever he requested.  Well this time Lightning was going to do the borrowing when she smelled Sebastian barbequing.  Lightning gained more that she bargained for when she discovered that not only did Sebastian want to offer her food, but him self also.  Was Lightning willing to accept his offer?

“Next Door Favor” was jam-packed with humor and red-hot passion.  I really enjoyed watching the sparks fly when Lightning and Sebastian finally came together in a heated, fun-loving sexapade.  The most hilarious occurrence happened with the tasting of the barbeque sauce – that was a hoot and a very naughty moment.  Who would have thought that a simple thing as barbeque sauce could be such a turn on?!


Shara & Friends Naughty Bites, Volume 2 was an erotic ride with a humorous element.  Both tales featured engaging characters that interacted very well together.  The chemistry each couple shared was explosive and will leave you breathless with great desire.  A great read.


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