Shopping Spree by Lynn Crain

Fantasy Games Series

eXtasy Books


Reviewed by Patrice F.




When an attractive customer tries on clothing completely nude in his exclusive boutique, Jonas decides to step in to have a word with her about store policy.  Before he can take the situation in hand, she decides that he might be the ideal to ‘check out’.

Shopping Spree is a wickedly tantalizing tease of a story that lowers zippers, lifts hems, and raises temperatures.  Jonas leads you on a merry dance where you’re taken over by his sensuality and the alluring hint of tragedy.  Something is hinted at, elusively evading the reach of the reader, and placed away just long enough that you want in on his ‘secret’.  The mystery customer is a lovely vehicle driving you along as you hitch a ride into the fantasy.

The overall hot yummy goodness of the narrative strokes the imagination, sweeping you along into the moment, while giving you a glimpse of the author’s steamy writing style if you’ve never read her work before.  The setting is appealing, and I was lured in from the first paragraph, captivated through the blazing middle to the sweet and warm ending.   I was dazzled by the erotic intensity, charmed by the characters, and blown away by the sheer, raw sexiness of the writing.   This is a splurge and impulse buy worth every penny.


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