Silver Bells by Hunter Raines

Loose Id

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60737-488-6

Reviewed by Cassie




Ten years after the death of his lover, Derek, Jud Hess still comes to the church where Derek died every Christmas.  After Derek died, Jud gained the ability to see ghosts, and his one night a year with Derek keeps him going for the rest of the year.  This year, Derek doesnít come, but someone else does...

Silver Bells has an intriguing premise, but I didnít feel it lived up to its promise.  Jud is an interesting character.  Heís bitter and lonely, yet clings to the ghost of his dead lover because of a promise he made while Derek was alive.  Ty, the man who shows up at the church seeking Derekís help, seems like an interesting character, but I didnít learn enough about him to root for them to get together.  While Jud and Tyís paranormal-fueled attraction was hot, it wasnít a good basis for the sudden, strong emotions the two men had for each other.  I would have liked a bit more buildup for the relationship.  The paranormal twists were interesting and unusual, but in the end, they werenít enough to fully engage me in the story.  Silver Bells is a quick and hot read, but lacked the depth I was hoping for.


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