Sins of Susan by Iona Blair



ISBN: 978-1-906811-54-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Susan is a manager working at a specialty gifts store whose free time is spent in carnal indulgence.  When she’s harassed by thugs, the handsome, new security guard becomes more than her knight in shining armor.

Will he be the one to keep Susan safe?  Or will she continue to enjoy ‘extras’ with her good looking manager?

If you’re into scorching hot sex spiced up with splashes of intrigue, Sins of Susan is the perfect read.  Susan’s a fiery, level headed woman who knows what she wants and gets it all--in and out of the bedroom.  She’s the type most women love to hate, fear, and secretly wish they could be.  Her lover Norwood incited various feelings from me.  I was fascinated, and later resentful.  Feelings of satisfaction shifted the plot when the new security guy arrives on the scene.  When the level of danger, deception, and deviance increase, you understand why the title fits so well.

This wicked tale is a bubbling cauldron of sultry surprises.  The author keeps the narrative fun and sophisticated with a subtle British dry undertone that made me smile.  I truly liked Susan’s contrasts; she’s seductively mysterious at times and wantonly open and provocative at others.  It made me glad to know that a ‘bad’ girl can get her HEA without being made an example or paying for her pleasure.  Ms. Blair doesn’t let me down by succumbing to that ancient double standard of the wanton getting her nasty just desserts for being as openly sexual as her male counterpart.  Now that’s what I call progress in women’s erotic romance.


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