Spanish Fly Guy by Jordan Castillo Price

Petit Morts, Book 5

JCP Books

Erotic M/M

Reviewed by Nannette




Ryan prints t-shirts at Copy That in Brightside’s seaside tourist community. When JP walks in wanting some labels printed for his latest scheme, he becomes the best part of Ryan’s boring day. Just when Ryan thinks he’ll never see JP again and their one hot encounter will have to be the fuel for his fantasies, JP comes back wanting something else and Ryan is more than ready to give it to him.

Brightside is charming. It’s a transient town with a cast full of colorful locals and one very interesting candy maker. Chance is a big part of all five Petit Morts stories. I’m still not sure who (or what) he is. The candy man needs his own story! JP is clever and creative and he’s up to no good. Ryan is a genuinely sweet guy who’s stuck in a dead end job, living a life he doesn’t want, until JP swaggers in the door and turns him upside down. JP and Ryan are cruisn’ for love. I like that Ryan gets what he wants and JP gets taken by surprise when he wants the same thing. Spanish Fly Guy is uncommonly quaint story.


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