Star Breaker by Viola Grace

Sector Guard, Book 5

Devine Destinies


ISBN: 978-1-55487-433-0

Reviewed by Tanya




Kale the avatar for Morganti, the planet which is home to the sector Guard is on a mission.  He is the person who is best suited to travel and try to find the fabled Star breaker as Morganti is in danger of being destroyed by an asteroid that is headed straight for their home planet.

When Kale finds the Star breaker and negotiates to have her come and take care of the asteroid he never expects to find a stunning woman, Carella, naked and suddenly freed of a sphere, with no memory.  How is it possible that a woman of Terran descent who disappeared two years ago could be the famed Star Breaker who has been around for more than four hundred?

Kale wants nothing more than to hold Carella and will do whatever it takes to help her come to terms with her past and move forward in her new life.

In the world of the Sector Guard where the universe is home to all forms of life including avatars for planets you might wonder how stars live.  Well Star Breaker is the latest offering in the Sector Guard by Viola Grace and I think the best in the series to date.  I loved how Kale is able to find love, even if he is the last of a dying race and being protected by the planet Morganti.

Star Breaker is a fun love story that has a lot of technology behind it, which will enthrall those sci-fi fanatics in all of us.  While with minimal confusion Star Breaker could be read as a stand alone, I recommend you pick up the entire series.


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