Stardust by Claire Thompson

The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, Book 4

Romance Unbound Publishing

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61508-177-6

Reviewed by Cassie




EMT Dennis has been in love with his partner, Gordon, for ages.  Too bad Gordon is too busy nursing a long-standing crush on an old flame, movie star Ben Ryder.  Gordonís also a member of the Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, a group for guys who arenít interested in love.  With two strikes against him, Dennis is resigned to just being friends with Gordon.

When he and Dennis are called to an out-of-control party, Gordon is astonished to find Ben Ryder there.  He takes Ben home, hopeful that his old friend and former lover will be pleased to see him again.  Things donít turn out quite the way he planned, however.  Good thing heís got his buddy Dennis to help him outÖ

Having enjoyed the other two Solitary Knights books I read, I was a little disappointed in Stardust.  I really liked sweet, dependable Dennis.  Heís a good friend and a good person who only wants to find someone to care about who will care about him.  I couldnít help rooting for him.  My problem with Stardust was Gordon.  In my opinion, he took way too long to clue in to what a jerk Ben was, and by that time I kind of wanted to see Dennis ditch him.  Still, for those who like friends-to-lovers stories, Stardust is a quick read with quite a few entertaining scenes (especially those involving diva Ben).


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