Summer's Wolf by Rebecca Royce

The Westervelt Wolves, Book 2

Liquid Silver Books

Wolf Shifter

ISBN: 978-1-59578-598-5

Reviewed by Klarissa




After seeing the devastating results of her parentsí gruesome murder, Summer is overwhelmed with the need to avenge her parents.  She must find Claudius and kill him, no matter what it might cost her.  Summer learns she has to embrace her inner wolf even though she has tried to ignore it ever since she was forced to turn.  Summer's mate, Cullen, is one of the oldest Westervelt wolves.  He's known she was his mate, but promised her mother he wouldn't claim her for five years.  Now with the death of her parents, Cullen must step in, claim her and help protect her, but Summer has other plans on how to deal with the murderer.

Summer's Wolf has an emotional beginning that will definitely pull at your heart.  Summer's whole life changes in an instant and I was a little afraid she might not turn out to be a very strong character, but Summer really pulls through and really develops into a take charge individual.  Cullen's character, I was worried couldn't be tamed, but Summer adds to all of Cullen's strengths.  These two are perfect for each other.


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