Sweet Temptation by Lily Graison

Wicked, Book 4

Alinar Publishing


Reviewed by Jo




Faith Weston is truly the good girl everyone hears about.  Well, mostly but for the next week Faith is in Sin City, away from her family and small town.  Faith is planning on spending the time with her good friends and attending the wedding that brought them all to Vegas.  That is until she meets up with the worst of bad boys Ė the drummer for Wicked.  The week as suddenly turned south but in all the best ways.

Mick Sheppard is the very epitome of the bad boy rock star.  This reputation is something he cultivated after a romance with a fan ended very badly for him.  There is nothing he wonít try if it makes him feel good Ė especially having sex with whomever catches his eye.  Right after arriving in Vegas, Mick meets Faith and he has plans for the pixie like woman.  Very wicked plans indeed.

Right away Mick seduces Faith and they both discover their lust for each other doesnít seem to have any ending.  After one wild and secret week of being together, Faith heads home and Mick gets ready to head to the next place on their tour.  Until Mick discovers a piece of paper that tears apart every thought and puts him in a downward tailspin, a marriage license.  Faith believes that her secret week in sin city will never be discovered until several things come back to haunt her.  Like the ministerís daughter somehow married the bad boy rock star in Vegas.  Hasty acts can lead to even more hasty decisions, but when Faith and Mick are forced to slow down and face all the facts, will their hearts show them it wasnít just lust?

The ministerís daughter and the rock star bad boy set Sin City in flames.  Sweet Temptation proves that opposites can do more than just attract.  Faith just wanted a fun vacation with friends and ended up with a passion that couldnít be denied.  Mick had been burned once before and wasnít looking for anything but a good time.  They say what happens in Vegas stays there, but what if it followed you back home?  Thatís exactly what happened to Faith when Mick and the band show up in her small town.  I realized that both Faith and Mick were going to have one tough time when the town got involved, but I had no idea just how tough it was going to be.  Faith and Mick might have started out mindlessly but they had to overcome several bumps and bruises before their true ending became apparent and what an ending it was.   Sweet Temptation steams up with passion to be dunked in coldness only to heat back up again slowly with a forever love that shows what romance truly is.

The boys of Wicked each found their perfect soul mates at last.  Now that I have read each story, I can say that while you donít have to read them in order Ė I might suggest you do.  This is one band that I will be pulling off the self to re-read and I think many readers will be doing so also.


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