The Christmas Dragon by Viola Grace

eXtasy Books

Fantasy, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-55487-439-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Sahn-Tah Kelas is on his honeymoons so Syrus steps in to help out as the Christmas Dragon.  The practice runs wear him out, and fortunately Maggie comes to the rescue.  The naked hunk lying unconscious in the snow and dressed in nothing but a hat rings her alarm and turns her lights on.  Too bad he’s a kook claiming to be a dragon!  Syrus decides to win her over by bringing a dragon-sized load of holiday cheer into her life.  This sad, brave human woman is long overdue, and he’s just what she needs-whether she knows it or not.

Christmas comes once a year but The Christmas Dragon keeps the glow alive with a large dose of laughter and romance.   Viola Grace’s superb blend of humor and warm fuzzies is guaranteed to make the grumpiest reader snicker aloud during an early morning commute on the drabbest day.  Santa isn’t the only one who knows how to “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

There’s nothing like a sexy dragon to turn the tables on an unsuspecting woman.  Maggie and Syrus are adorable, funny, and insatiable as they gift, wisecrack, and eat their way into one another’s lives.  Romantic connection is what makes this story special, and it’s the magic red ribbon of love that weaves through every Viola Grace piece, no matter the theme or length.  This author always makes time for emotion, which is just as important as the steamy sex.  Humor runs neck-in-neck with the bedroom acrobatics, and serves to make any reader feel young again.  Wait until you find out what Syrus’ very unusual appendage is!  You just can’t resist the urge to frolic with such tidings!  If I felt undignified about it, then Maggie and Syrus did all the work for me.

Saying that this story is only good for Christmas is the equivalent of believing that romance should only be doled out during Valentine’s or Sweetest’s Day.  There is no such thing as an occasion only story from this author because after you read The Christmas Dragon, you’re sure to go digging around for more of her fabulous tales.  And that is a true gift.


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