The Clash by Crystal Kauffman

Guardian’s Realm, Book 3

Loose Id

Urban Fantasy M/F/F

ISBN: 978-1-60737-541-8

Reviewed by Lisa




It has been five long years since he lost his temper with his son and destroyed their once loving relationship.  When he learned that his son had willingly become a vampire everything changed.

These days he’s called Agent Robert Almaden of the Vampire Task Force; he hunts and kills vampires for a living.  Over the years Robert has come to regret his last words to his son Matthew, said in anger.  Robert travels to Romania hoping to elicit the help of a vampire to find his son. Oh, the irony, having to ask the help of a vampire.  Her name is Cvetelina Maldonova, a six hundred plus year old vampire. Luckily for Robert, Cvetelina has a strong sense of honor and agrees to try and locate Matthew.  Neither one expects to stir up a hornets’ nest of trouble in a simple search for one young vampire.  But trouble they surely find and before the week is over Robert, Cvetelina, and Matthew will face threats and possible death.  Between vampire kingpin Viktor Vasseliv and the Guardians who protect the innocent there’s going to be a whole lot of trouble and little satisfaction unless a miracle happens.

The Clash is a fascinating blend of sensual delights and heart pounding action.  Feelings of guilt send a father on a quest where fate unexpectedly hands him solace in the arms of a vampire.  Never have two main characters had less in common, yet this tale twists and turns, managing to culminate in a satisfying love story titled The Clash.  This is the third story in the highly imaginative Guardian’s Realm series and well worth the wait.  The Clash is a non-stop drama with moments of scorching hot loving.  A welcome addition, The Clash is intense, emotional and most important, highly entertaining.


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