The Devil to Pay by Pamela LaBud

Resplendence Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Ayden Royce is a fallen angel who has been condemned to the fires of Hell to suffer torture for the rest of his immortal life.  His lack of whining and cursing his fate has brought him to the attention of the Dark Angel, himself, Satan.  Satan brings Ayden into his brimstone and sulfur smelling meeting room and after centuries, gives Ayden a way out of Hell.  All he has to do is get a truly innocent person to give their soul to the Devil and Ayden can go free. Jumping at the chance, Ayden finds himself on Earth.  He figures one, two days tops and he can kiss Hell goodbye forever – and then he sees her – Olivia Stone.  One of the most perfect creatures Ayden has ever seen.

I found The Devil to Pay to be sort of hypocritical.  Ayden has to find a soft, truly innocent soul in order to save himself and all along, I kept thinking that if Olivia truly was innocent, then there is no way she would have done half the things she did with Ayden.  Not that they weren’t erotic or teeming with passion – they were.  Ayden and Olivia ‘clicked’ instantly and their desire was real and dirty and naughty.  I just couldn’t get past the fact that while Ayden began to care for Olivia, he was still willing to save himself.  And then he did something so profound it made me cry.

Pamela LaBud’s The Devil to Pay will tug at your heart and might make you cry – I got weepy probably three times.  The ending, however, is glorious and that is why I kept reading.  I knew Ms. LaBud wouldn’t let me down. And she didn’t!


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