The Omegas by Annie Nicholas

The Vanguards, Book 1

Lyrical Press


ISBN: 978-1-61650-114-3

Reviewed by Tanya




The only one that is better than werewolves to teach them how to fight is a powerful vampire.  But why would one want to help?  Daedalus is intrigued by the request for his services and realizes that these “misfit” wolves might have more going for them than meets the eye.  So he takes on the challenge.  He never expects their neighbor Sugar though, and he never sees the effect she will have on his heart coming.

Sugar is a pretty and quiet woman.  Heck, she is a librarian.  But she is also fiercely loyal of her neighbors and friends, even though they turn into furry wolves each full moon.  So no matter if their new trainer is a vampire or not, she will give him a piece of her mind if she thinks he is not living up to his bargain with them.  Sugar just doesn’t count on how he will make her feel.

Now the wolves are gearing up for a fight for survival and Sugar might have to choose to leave her quiet life behind, if she wants it all.  What will they all do?

I was pulled in from the start of The Omegas and Annie Nicholas didn’t let me go until the very end.  And then I was looking to find out when the next book would be out.  I love how Sugar isn’t a lycan, but not only does she love and protect her friends, she pushes Daedalus also.  I am a big fan of both shifter and vampire stories and think that Ms. Nicholas has what it takes to put out a first class series that will stand with all the big names.  I can’t wait for the next book.


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