The Warderís Vampire by Viola Grace

The Warders, Book 4

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 1-55410-630-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Born from a tryst between a Warder and a vampire, Serafina is unique because she is a female dhampir.  On Halloween night, an ancestor will steal her body and do a little match making.

Franc was born a vampire, and grew up hearing stories about magic and the Realm.  The last thing he expected was to stumble through a portal there and meet a gorgeous woman.

What happens next?  Only a few choice moves and the right timing will decide.

The Warderís series is remarkable in how it approaches paranormal pairings and magical concepts.  I never seem to get enough of reading Viola Graceís fun, fast paced stories; the various species and races listed could overflow a George Lucas alien registry!  With a spirited half-human, part-vamp protagonist, The Warderís Vampire scores top points on keeping the zesty humor, mystical angst, sleek action, and sizzling sex flowing; especially when Serafina encounters tough-as-nails vampire warrior, Francesco.  I could appreciate the surprise twists and turns in the plot since I never saw them coming.  This just proves how enthralled I was by the characters and swiftly unfolding events that followed their initial meeting.  Thereís dark moments and guarded history of the various racesí practices that the descendents are seeking to make right.  It just proves that the decision to bind the Warders was the correct one.  All in all, I truly enjoyed reading this slick, edgy story thatís sexy, inventive and dynamic.  Itís a four star addition to the authorís amazing universe hosting a fabulous array of multilayered characters complimented by a thrilling ever changing plotline.


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