Thunderball by Mimi Riser

A Sylver & Steele Story

Amber Allure

M/M, Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-60272-646-8

Reviewed by Jo




Sylver Starr has a life that a lot of people would love to have.  After all, he is married and mated to a billionaire who’s sexy and bone melting.  When you add in that Sylver is a werewolf who cross-dresses for his mate’s pleasure, you begin to understand that all is not as it appears.  But then you learn that Hunter is a Tomcat (oops) and also the founder of Earth Guardians, Inc.  That makes them sexy spies trying to save the world.  Lets see – a dog and a cat, mated and married, working together – can you spell heartburn?  Their mission today is to find and return a stolen dog to his owners.  Doesn’t sound all that difficult right?  Well not the way Sylver and Hunter do it, and do it they do in their own unique style.

Unique mates with an even more unique life, Thunderball joins Sylver and Hunter in their latest mission. OMG! I could not believe how hard and long I laughed while following along with their rescue mission.  The rolling dialog between Sylver and Hunter was just too funny, and still showed just how much they loved each other.  I wondered how a wolf and a tomcat could possibly be mated, married and able to live together.  However, that was before I realized just how unique both our heroes are.  Thunderball is a must read and a definite keeper just for their relationship alone.

I saw while gathering information for this review that I missed one book, you can bet I will be grabbing it right away.  I seriously can’t wait until the next time Sylver and Hunter let me have a look at their life.


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