Tigerís Heart by Liz Craven

New Concept Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-393-2

Reviewed by Tanya




Caitlyn and her husband are surprised when Jan shows up on their doorstep but as Caitlynís best friend and someone who never asks for help they immediately let her in.  They are horrified to learn the reason for her visit.  But, Jan second guesses coming to her friends from the moment she arrives, as she fears that she is putting them in mortal danger just being around her.  But, what she doesnít know is that Caitlynís husband is more than just a large sexy man, he is an alpha tiger.

Jan has a joke and wisecrack for most instances and you never know what this independent and strong woman will do next.  When the prideís doctor (Lukas) meets her his tiger makes sure that he knows that Jan is his mate no matter what.  When she quotes Star Trek and Star Wars not to mention Top Gun he knows he is lost.  He and his tiger will do whatever it takes to convince Jan she is safe with him and they will do what is needed to help protect her.

But, can she accept the help they offer and can she accept what Lukas is?

Wow, can Ms. Craven write an action packed story with twists and turns!  I was pulled in from the start by Janís story and it didnít let me go until long after it was over.  I loved how Ms. Craven took what is a tough subject of a physical threat to someone and through events and actions turn it into a romantic story.  Tigerís Heart is a thought provoking story that will make you laugh out loud and root for the ďgood catsĒ.


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