To Keep and To Love by Serena Yates

Sequel to To Find and To Keep

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-304-9

Reviewed by Cassie




After finding Daniel Miller again at his sisterís wedding, Ryan Johnston is happily living with him and beginning to have hope for the future.  Then strange, threatening letters from his parents start to arrive.  Can Ryan and Danielís new relationship withstand the pressure?

To Keep and to Love is an incredibly sweet storyómaybe too much so.  I didnít read the first story (and in fact didnít realize it was a sequel at first), but To Keep and to Love stood alone well enough that I didnít feel lost.  Ryan and Daniel were both likeable characters.

  Ryanís sad past and need to be loved made it easy to sympathize with him.  All Daniel wants to do is protect him, but at times heís a bit heavy-handed.  Still, everythingís great until Ryanís parents start harassing him, insisting he get help or else.  From there, things escalate from mere annoyances to actual danger.

My problem with To Keep and to Love was that I never had any real doubt that Ryan and Daniel would be fine, despite the obstacles they face.  Ryanís parents are over-the-top cruel and donít have a three-dimensional reason to be that way.  While I found To Keep and to Love a bit too sweet for my taste, other readers will no doubt enjoy seeing Ryan and Daniel get their happy ending at last.


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